Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello? You There?

Yes, I'm still here and I'll still be posting. Quite honestly there wasn't much going on with my photography after the Civil War reenactment back in April, so there wasn't much to talk about or show. Then when May arrived; things picked up and kept right on rolling. In the spring I like to wander through Newport News park enjoying the weather and photographing any wildlife that comes my way. The photo above is of an osprey that just plucked a sizable meal from the lake at Newport News Park. So here is a look at what I was up to in May and June...

Children and Family Portraits

An Engagement Session & A Wedding

Started My 2011 Surf Season Shooting Stills & HD Video With My GoPro

Event: Aerial Cirque

Photography For Charity

Event: National Day of Prayer

Event: Open House for Realty Co.

Event: ABA BMX Old Dominion Nationals

So as you can see there was quite a bit going on and not much time to chat. I am still here and the blogs will keep coming. Stay tuned!