Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tattoo, Love, Civil War, And More!

Typically I start with what happened at the beginning of the month and work forward, but this time start at the end of the month and go back.

A few days ago I had a shoot with Allison. I worked with her last September for her senior pictures and this time we did some shots of her in her dress before prom.

Earlier that day I finished my last day photographing the Virginia International Tattoo. I was one of several photographers hired by The Virginia Arts Festival to photograph the performance. I had the chance to shoot a couple of the shows and it was an awesome experience being able to shoot on the floor.

In between the dates I was photographing the VIT, I photographed Jane and Malcolm's wedding in Norfolk, VA. The Christ and St. Luke's Church is just gorgeous! In 2011, I photographed Jane's son's wedding and it was an honor to photograph her's.

Earlier that week I had the opportunity to shoot Carson's baseball game. As you know, I always love shooting sports.

The weekend prior, I had a wedding at the Mariner's Museum here in Newport News, VA. I worked very closely with Ashley and Jeff leading up to their big day and we arranged some time for a first look and locations to capture the beautiful spring weather.

Earlier that week I photographed an art show for Hampton City Schools, which featured 300 student pieces, at the Hampton Convention Center.

The weekend of April 10th I was in Appomattox, VA to photograph the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Appomattox Courthouse for the Appomattox Historical Society. The week leading up to the event they had a good deal of rain, which turned the area into quite a mess. This made things pretty tricky to shoot because either vehicles were stuck in the camp areas or they simply couldn't get out to the main road because it was nearly impassable. I had to really pay attention to the backgrounds so I didn't end up with shot of someone all decked out in period attire and a Prius behind them.

Photographing the battles was harder than usual. This was a big event, as it marked the last major battle for the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, and there were a lot of spectators. I had press access but there weren't areas set aside for us to shoot from, so I had to weave through the masses of people shooting photos and video with their phones and ipads. They weren't going to be able to get anything worth while holding their phone over their heads trying to get photos of guys who were 75 yards away, but they had to get a bunch of pics for Facebook. Such is life and I had to make do with the situation.

 Toward the beginning of the month, I had the chance to photograph one of Ryan's baseball games. I've been photographing him playing baseball since the first time he took to the field.

April started off with an engagement session, at Maymont in Richmond, VA, with Jessica and Brian. They were such naturals in front of the camera and it felt like working with two models. I look forward to photographing their wedding in October!

It was another busy month and I had a blast shooting! I'll see you again in May.