Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Along For The Ride

Back when disposable waterproof cameras were hitting the market we’d grab one and my friends and I would take turns shooting photos while we surfed. After getting back a number of rolls of blurry prints, it was apparent we weren’t going to get the type of photos we’d hoped for. Fast-forwarding a number of years…when my friends and I would go surf on the Outer Banks, I usually took first shift behind my DSLR with the 400mm lens. We’d drive our SUVs out on the beach, sit in the cargo area, and shoot out of the back of my truck. This worked great unless there was a side shore current causing my subjects to drift down the beach or, in my case, most of the time they wouldn’t paddle in to take their shift behind the camera. In December of 2010 I was given my very own, personal “in the water” photographer and videographer…a GoPro camera.
The GoPro is quite a nifty little gadget. It has a waterproof housing that you can mount almost anywhere, it shoots HD video, and shoots 5MP digital stills. Since my friends and I picked one up, no one has to man the tripod anymore. Unfortunately the east coast didn't get much surf this summer, however, the GoPro provided all sorts of new possibilities and perspectives I just couldn’t get before.

The camera is just below the water's surface as I paddle out.

I breach the surface after "duck diving" a wave

Up-close photos and perspective you can't get from shore

Whether shooting digital stills or HD video, every wave I ride can now be documented from start to finish.

A special thanks to my folks for giving me the gift of being able to document one of my deepest passions...surfing.