Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Thaw...

...well, we're getting there. Old Man Winter has overstayed his welcome and most of us are ready to get on with spring. I started off March shooting an event for Tidewater Sports & Social Club. Late last summer I began shooting sports for TSSC. They host a variety of recreational sports leagues and social events for adults over 21. The assignment for March was dodge ball. This wasn't your second grade recess version of "pick on the chubby kid." These folks play to win!

In Hampton Roads, March definitely lived up to its reputation for having a roller coaster ride when it comes to weather. The week leading up to March 8th we saw snow, sleet, rain, and windy conditions. On the 8th we had a reprieve from winter, with temperatures climbing toward 65 degrees, and I used that as an opportunity to schedule an engagement shoot. Emily & Kyle, a couple whose wedding I'm photographing this summer, are no strangers to bitterly cold winters. They came to Hampton Roads from Chicago that weekend to meet with a variety of wedding vendors, spend time with family, and we even worked out an engagement shoot in Yorktown, VA.

Old man winter reared his ugly head just 36 hours later and we were back to a mix of snow, sleet, rain, and wind for the next two weeks. The weekend of March 22nd we had another break, with temperatures climbing into the 70's, and it was game on...literally. The morning of the 22nd I had the pleasure of photographing the season opener for the York County Thunder. As you know, I've shot a wide range of sports varying in age from small children all the way up to professional adult athletes. Kids at this age are not only adorably entertaining but there are opportunities to make them look like pros! This season opener was no different. Children playing sports at any age is not the sort of thing parents should leave to a camera phone in order to preserve those memories. Contact me for pricing and availability for your child's sports event. 


Later in the afternoon and not letting great weather go to waste, I had an engagement shoot with a couple whose wedding I'm photographing in May. Regina, her daughter, and her fiance Keith joined me in Yorktown, VA for their engagement session. We had the opportunity to mix in a few family shots during the session that finished up with a fantastic sunset. You couldn't have asked for more with the way the weather has been this month!

During the bouts of bad weather I've been working to finish a couple of personal projects. The first started back in November 2012. It is a personal video project I've been working on. By no means am I great with video editing, but I've been plugging away at it more steadily since November of 2013 and it's finally wrapped up. The second is a coffee table book I've wanted to do since 2007. I finally kicked that off this month and it should be ready to go in about two weeks.

In April, things heat up even more. I'll be shooting two Civil War reenactments in different parts of Virginia (weather permitting), little league baseball, engagement sessions, and spring sports for TSSC. See you next month!

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