Thursday, December 31, 2015

Scroll On: June to December

After the accident, I had to find a new vehicle and play catch up on work. The rest of the year stayed busy and I simply didn't have time to blog every month. This post will cover June to December with few words and lots of photos. Scroll on!

Here is a video that features 900 of my photos from 2015 delivered in 131 seconds.

 Oregon Inlet, NC 6.1.15

Jaime & Chris | Williamsburg, VA | 6.13.15

Jordan & Lydia | Hampton, VA | 6.17.15

Luna & Spartan | Newport News, VA | 6.25.15

Replaced the totaled 4Runner 

Tiffany & Eric | Harrisburg, PA | 6.27.15


Jordan & Lydia | Suffolk, VA | 7.25.15

Exterior Shots for Wayne Harbin Builder, Inc.

Annual B-Day Shoot for Haze | Newport News, VA | 7.28.15
(Sorry, I'm not starting to do children's portraits or family sessions. See this post regarding this annual project)

Took a day to enjoy the beach. Oregon Inlet, NC 7.30.15

Phillip & Megan | Norfolk, VA | 7.31.15 

Random iphone shot of a horse during location scouting.

Jeremy & Jane | Yorktown, VA | 8.9.15 

A few days later I managed to sneak in a couple of days to surf.

This was my fourth year photographing the VA Beach Surfers Healing Camp. It was a privilege donate my time and images to such a great cause!

After two full days of shooting in the hot August sun, it was time to go camping and catch a few waves.

Ashlyn & Josh | Williamsburg, Va | 8.20.15

 Nicole & Rob | Nags Head, NC | 8.22.15

Two days later I went surfing and, after I rode this wave, my board hit me and snapped my fibula.

Four days later, I was back on my feet to shoot a wedding.

Kristin & Cody | Yorktown, VA | 8.28.15

Ashley & Brian | Virginia Beach, VA | 9.12.15

 Brittany & Mario | Hampton, VA | 9.16.15

 Katie & Daniel | Williamsburg, VA | 9.19.15

 Katie & Shane | Yorktown, VA | 9.20.15

 Allen & Amber | Hampton, VA | 10.3.15

 Rachel & Jeff | Gwynn's Island, VA | 10.10.15

 Jeremy & Jane | Sandbridge, VA | 10.11.15

 Athita & Darrell | Williamsburg, VA | 10.13.15

It was time to take a break, so I headed down to Rodanthe, NC to enjoy a warm day on the beach. The wind picked up in the afternoon and, from my campsite, I had a front row seat to photograph kite boarders and windsurfers. That was followed up with an amazing sunset.

 Jessica & Brian | Richmond, VA | 10.17.15

April & Chris | Gwynn's Island, VA | 10.18.15

 Courtney & Quentin | Virginia Beach, VA | 10.23.15

Landscape shots of Yorktown, VA for the Civil War Trust's winter issue of their magazine Hallowed Ground.

L.D. Britt, MD Scholarship Fund Dinner | Norfolk, VA | 10.29.15

I donated my time and images to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's 2015 Brewer's Ball hosted by O'Connor Brewing. 10.30.15

I was hired by the bar PBR to photograph their 2015 Halloween Party. Hampton, VA | 10.31.15

Stephanie & Roman | Norfolk, VA | 11.7.15

Ashley & Jeff | Newport News, VA | 11.14.15

 Erin & Matt | Newport News, VA | 11.15.15

Mark & Dorothy | Dover, DE |  11.20.15

Brandee & Blake | Newport News, VA | 11.29.15

 Allison & Wesley | Williamsburg, VA | 12.5.15


I shot some work for a commercial real estate firm's marketing department. They wanted me to capture real people enjoying the ice rink at a new shopping center.

We had some really warm weather so I took Piper to play at the beach.

 Renee & Joseph | Williamsburg, VA | 12.26.15

The last photo I took was on December 30, 2015 (shot with an iPhone).

Scroll no more! That wrapped up 2015. Thank-you for making it all the way down the page. Have a Happy New Year! See you in 2016.


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