Monday, February 28, 2011

Serendipitous Spring-like Day

One of the great things about the Hampton Roads area is that from time to time the dreary days of winter can be broken up by spring-like warmth. Another nice thing about this area is that there are a variety of beaches close by.
The day before this image was shot I was planning to go shoot something because the weather was forecast to be 75 degrees and sunny. Then I received a phone call from Pamela. She wanted to do some photos to submit for consideration by a corporate restaurant chain (I'm not going to plug them they already make a ton of money selling wings...oops) doing a model search for their calendar. I called her back to tell her that the next day was going to be perfect to do a location shoot on the beach. As it turns out the day was gorgeous and just right for a bikini...and it was February! The day after the shoot the temps dropped back into 40's and we were back to our typical late winter weather. It's always nice when things fall neatly into place.

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